All the latest opinion and comments on the Irish agricultural industry from the Farmers Journal editorial team.

Just how high are food prices?
If we exclude the last 12 months and look at the previous 19 years, food prices actually fell by 6.7%, writes Tadhg Buckley, director of policy at the IFA.
24 May 2023 Viewpoints
Dempsey at Large: no policy input
Empty slogans such as reducing the use of plant protection products by 50% achieve nothing.
24 May 2023 Viewpoints
Home Farm: TB reactor - herd test failure
There was no room for doubt as we read the test results last Thursday.
Irish retail grocery trends this year
If food prices can be manipulated upwards by retailers to boost profits, they must possess market power.
24 May 2023 Viewpoints
Those against badger cull need to see sense
In the last year the evidence from roadkill assessments suggests TB is up by 69% in local badgers.
24 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Soaring food prices hitting the headlines
Higher food prices are necessary if the industry is to have any hope of being sustainable.
17 May 2023 Northern Ireland
China - the meteoric economic rise abates
Trade missions to three countries this week highlight the opportunity and investment by Irish businesses to target new and growing markets.
17 May 2023 Opinion
Colm McCarthy: beehives or buses for Ireland?
For a high-income country with low population density, sprawling cities and uneven access to public transport, Ireland is a natural candidate for high car ownership.
14 May 2023 Viewpoints
Opinion: we need to see what rewetting looks like
If farmer buy-in for rewetting is to be gained, the Government need to stop telling us about it and start showing what it looks like. And how it will be paid for.
13 May 2023 Opinion
Five things the tillage group could do immediately
The Food Vision tillage group meets this week and that group can set actions or it can create a report to sit on the shelf.
10 May 2023 News
Colm McCarthy - Efforts to discourage car usage
Urban road space is scarce and it is prohibitively expensive to increase capacity.
10 May 2023 Viewpoints
The backbone of the food industry in NI
It is processors of livestock produced off local farms that are the real back-bone of the food industry in NI.
10 May 2023 Northern Ireland