Steady cattle and sluggish sheep trade so far in 2023
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Mark Zieg, Bord Bia beef, meat and livestock manager, and Seamus McMenamin, sheepmeat and livestock manager, look at trade.
23 May 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Multiple Bord na Móna auctions boast over 400 lots of machinery this May
Wilsons Auctions prepares once again to offer bidders a huge selection of tractors, machinery, tyres, motorbikes, equipment and more surplus assets on behalf of the iconic Irish company Bord na Móna.
22 May 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Farm safely – look up and look out for electricity poles and wires
ESB Networks Public Safety Manager Michael Murray is reminding farmers to take necessary safety precautions with overhead wires, poles and stay wires ahead of the busy forage saving season.
Banking support for a rapidly changing sector
Supporting and building trust with the farming sector is a key priority for the Irish Banking Culture Board (IBCB) and its member banks.
18 May 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Over half a million acres of farm land mapped using FREE mapping tool
All farmers in Ireland and the UK can now map their farms for free in a matter of minutes, thanks to a service launched by Herdwatch, the leading farm management software used on over 18,000 farms.
17 May 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Multi-cut silage success on north Cork farm
There are many factors that will influence animal performance, with silage quality being an extremely important one, as it represents such a large proportion of winter feeding plans.
15 May 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Building a relationship with your bank
Building a positive working relationship with your bank is key to running a successful business. In part two of our four part series, we discuss the importance of that relationship.
11 May 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Applying for bank finance in Ireland
The Irish Banking Culture Board’s (IBCB) purpose is to work with our member banks to rebuild trustworthiness with the public.
4 May 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Bord Bia launches recruitment campaign for Origin Green ambassador programme
Bord Bia, through its talent academy, has launched its search for top talent for the 2023 Origin Green ambassador programme, with up to 15 fully funded places on offer.
25 April 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
China good to go after COVID-19
Conor O’Sullivan, Bord Bia China manager, reports from China on the return to normality after COVID-19 and opportunities for Irish exports.
21 April 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Farm safely this silage season – stay clear of overhead electricity wires
ESB Networks wantsto provide a safe electricity infrastructure. Live electricity wires are always near and coming close can be dangerous, writes Michael Murray, ESB Networks public safety manager.
20 April 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
Sign up for the new Teagasc Signpost advisory programme
Climate action is a win-win for your farm - good for your profit, good for the environment.
19 April 2023 Advertisers' anouncements