TB reactors up 15% in 12 months to April
Noel Bardon
The Department of Agriculture's spend is up significantly in the first three months of 2023.
24 May 2023 News
Mystery illness hits southern dairy herds
Animals hit by the ‘winter cow syndrome’ showed milk-fever-like symptoms and yields suddenly dropped by 10-20%. Declan O'Brien and Aidan Brennan report.
10 May 2023 News
Dairy beef calf numbers to hit 1m – Teagasc
The growth in dairy beef calf numbers is occurring in Ireland and the US, with simultaneous decline in suckler numbers.
Irish poultry units H5N1-free since November
Cases of pathogenic H5N1 are still being reported in Ireland’s wild bird populations.
3 May 2023 News
Deer eating fields ‘clean’ of grass - ICSA
Government must step up to the plate and support the work of the deer management strategy group, says the ICSA.
28 April 2023 News
The Agricultural Trust appoints chief executive
William Minchin has been named as the new chief executive of The Agricultural Trust.
26 April 2023 News
‘Critical juncture’ for BVD eradication – McConalogue
There has been an emergence of a small number of local BVD clusters in recent weeks, with infection having spread between herds.
19 April 2023 News
BVD update: more infected calves in fewer herds
The number of calves identified with an initial positive or inconclusive test is running 75 head higher, while the number of herds possessing such calves has fallen from 123 to 89 herds.
16 April 2023 Management
Controlling Johne’s disease on NI farms
Johne’s is an infectious bacterial disease which affects the gut and stops nutrients from being properly absorbed.
12 April 2023 Northern Ireland
Department seeks research projects on parasitic worms
Current estimates show that parasitic worm infections cost the European livestock industry more than €1.8bn per year.
Supporting farmers through tough times
Friends, family and neighbours can help if they are made aware of a problem.
5 April 2023 Viewpoints
Weather woes on Tullamore Farm
Adam Woods has the latest report from the Irish Farmers Journal beef and sheep farm.
24 March 2023 Management