Climate and environment
EPA ‘not holding back’ from Teagasc methane research
Barry Murphy
Attendees at the EPA’s annual conference heard that the agency is open to incorporating the latest farm emissions science when updating national carbon inventories.
24 May 2023 News
Ireland’s largest fuel supplier snaps up solar PV company AEI
Alternative Energy Ireland was acquired for an unknown sum and has grown to become a significant supplier of solar PV technology to the agricultural industry
17 May 2023 News
Tax breaks sought for vacant farmhouse sales
A meeting of TDs and senators has heard that tax breaks are required to encourage farmers to offload vacant farmhouses on their land.
Carbon programme to start next month
There have been suggestions that it will eventually become a requirement to claim future farm support schemes in Northern Ireland.
10 May 2023 Northern Ireland
BioCNG - from field to HGV
Farm-produced renewable biomethane gas is available through a network of refueling stations and will be key in helping the HGV sector to decarbonise.
O'Leary spending big over the next decade
The €36bn investment is not to make Gigginstown a dairy operation, it's to buy 300 passenger jets.
10 May 2023 Dealer
Farming surely deserves similar break to the electricity sector
The challenges impacting electricity generation confirm that change takes time and progress is not always linear.
3 May 2023 Dealer
Feed additives a few years out from ‘real impact’ – ABP
ABP sustainability manager Stephen Connolly poured cold water on the immediate potential of feed additives to cut emissions from the beef herd.
3 May 2023 News
ABP yet to explore national sustainability bonus
Beef processor ABP has not yet explored the potential in offering all farmers a sustainability bonus on cattle, in a similar way dairy processors reward more sustainable milk production.
3 May 2023 News
Holland gets €1.5bn farm buy-out schemes approved by Commission
The European Commission has green-lighted two schemes proposed by the Netherlands to pay farmers to close up livestock farms.
2 May 2023 News
Diageo’s €200m Newbridge brewery appealed to An Bord Pleanála
The main objector to the €200m brewery claims that Diageo should relocate the development to “the malting barley capital” of Ireland - Athy.
2 May 2023 Letters
New carbon footprint calculator to be free to all
Teagasc, ICBF and Bord Bia have worked together to develop the tool which will help farmers to reduce carbon and ammonia emissions.
26 April 2023 News