Fertilising grazing swards during peak growth - hold off or crack on?
Kieran Mailey
Grass growth should hit peak levels during the second half of May and with surplus grazing emerging, some farmers will query whether fertiliser is needed or not.
Top tips for managing grass quality in May
Grass growth will surge ahead of demand during May, making it hard to control sward quality. Kieran Mailey outlines some tips to managing grazing swards in the month ahead.
2 May 2023 Management
Focusing on sward quality during May
As grass growth increases in May, maintaining sward quality in front of cattle becomes much more difficult.
Five farm management jobs for May
As the daily workload on cattle farms moves from winter feeding to grazing and fieldwork, outlined are five jobs to focus on in May.
29 April 2023 Management
Grass tetany risk on the increase
Increasing grass growth, lush swards and changeable weather will see the risk of tetany increasing where lactating cows are are grazing.
25 April 2023 Management
Beginner's guide to grass budgeting
Grass budgeting is a great way to manage grazing swards. Kieran Mailey outlines some steps for beginners.
Time to target grassland weeds
With ground slowly drying out, attention will turn to grazing and fertiliser. But don't forget about controlling grass weeds before they get too strong and produce seeds.
18 April 2023 Management
Farm costs rising as bad weather takes toll
The Irish Farmers Journal livestock team examines just how much the poor spring is costing on farms nationwide.
13 April 2023 News
Dairy management: magic day approaching
With a lift in grass growth rates now evident everywhere, Aidan Brennan says it’s time to be thinking about reducing supplement.
10 April 2023 Management
Five tips to get spring grazing back on track
As weather becomes more settled, outlined are five tips to get the grazing rotation back on track in April.
8 April 2023 Management
Fertiliser window with settled weather forecast
Settled weather is expected over the Easter period which should see an improvement in ground conditions and provide an opportunity to spread fertiliser.
4 April 2023 Grass & feeding
Five tips for grazing through wet conditions
Grazing conditions have become increasingly difficult after a prolonged wet period. Outlined are five tips to keeping cattle settled at grass.
25 March 2023 Management