Nature restoration law ‘more extreme’ than designations - INHFA
Noel Bardon
The INHFA renewed warnings on the nature restoration law after a trip to Brussels, where it discussed its concerns with EU policymakers.
25 May 2023 News
Review begins of hedgerow removal and land drainage rules
The review begins with the opening of a stakeholder consultation on the rules this Thursday.
24 May 2023 News
Farmland and bog re-mapping under way
The Department was unable to say which measures are being considered for the new CAP standards, but a ploughing ban was given as an example in the CAP plan.
TB reactors up 15% in 12 months to April
The Department of Agriculture's spend is up significantly in the first three months of 2023.
24 May 2023 News
Department mapping peat soils for new 2024 CAP rules
There will be standards brought in for those farming on peatlands and wetlands to claim CAP payments.
24 May 2023 News
Taoiseach concerned EU nature restoration law goes ‘too far’
Meanwhile, Minister McConalogue has claimed that State land managed by agencies such as Bord na Móna and Coillte could meet all rewetting targets, if targets are reduced from the original proposal.
24 May 2023 News
SCEP must deliver full payment on all cows applied for – IFA
Over 20,000 farmers applied to the new CAP's suckler scheme, with the IFA saying the scheme can start to rebuild the suckler herd.
24 May 2023 News
Spike in forestry environmental information access appeals
The finger has been pointed at Coillte and the Department of Agriculture for a sizeable rise in appeals on access to information on the environment requests.
24 May 2023 News
Agri MEPs vote no to EU nature restoration law
Some MEPs accused the European Commission of ignoring farmers in the biodiversity debate.
23 May 2023 News
EU approves another €1bn in grant aid for Poland’s farms
Poland’s farmers have had two state aid schemes approved to the value of €2.3bn in the last week.
23 May 2023 News
Kelleher welcomes council of ministers' push to reduce EU rewetting targets
Kelleher spoke after council signalled it will look for lower targets than the European Commission had initially sought, meaning that less farmland could be affected by the proposals.
22 May 2023 News
Ewe numbers back 1.3% in 2022
The number of smaller flocks dropped after rising 18% in 2021, but there remains more flocks with 50 ewes or fewer than any other flock size, as counted in the sheep census.
22 May 2023 News