Northern Ireland
Farm crime rises by 21% in NI
Peter McCann
Across the 11 policing districts in Northern Ireland, the highest rate of agricultural crime occurred Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon.
New push to scrap standstill at GB sales
A potential solution to the six-month standstill for Northern Ireland livestock was agreed between the EU and UK last year.
NI round-up: Rural Support survey and surge in cattle imports from ROI
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
Nitrogen efficiency varies across NI dairy farms
Nitrogen-use efficiency is a measure of the amount of nitrogen consumed by a dairy cow which subsequently ends up in milk protein.
24 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Green watchdog to investigate DAERA
The OEP came into effect in NI in February 2022 and part of its remit is to scrutinise what public authorities do in relation to the environment.
24 May 2023 Northern Ireland
TB rate among badgers surges
The positive rate of 27% for 2022 and compares to a rate of 16% which was recorded the previous year.
17 May 2023 Northern Ireland
GB egg packers ruffle feathers in NI
Existing egg producers who supply Northern Ireland-based egg packers are the main target for packers in Britain.
17 May 2023 Northern Ireland
DAERA closes 16,000 farm business IDs
The Department of Agriculture in Northern Ireland found that 16,237 farm businesses had had no interaction with them for five years or more.
17 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Carbon programme to start next month
There have been suggestions that it will eventually become a requirement to claim future farm support schemes in Northern Ireland.
10 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Farmers can be paid to store carbon, MPs told
Farmers can build carbon in their soils, but there are many challenges to overcome.
10 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Points needed for Tier 1 grant drops
Some applicants could get over the line without extra “value for money” points which requires bidding for less than the maximum grant available for each item.
How food production really works
An overview of modern food production is set out in a recent book by scientist Vaclav Smil.