New tractor registrations in April were just two units (1%) behind the same month last year, but the year to date figure remains ahead by 6% on 2022, according to data from the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA).

The figures show that 211 new tractors were registered in April, down from 213 units during the same month last year. Meanwhile, a total of 1,170 new tractors have been registered within the first four months of this year, up 6.3% from the 1,100 units in 2022.

While March recorded a 2% monthly increase in registrations on last year, April marked the first month this year to record a decease (albeit slight) when compared to last year.

The three counties with the most registrations over the first four months were Cork (150 units), Tipperary (98 units) and Wexford (97 units). While Cork had one registration less than last year for the first four months, Tipperary and Wexford saw increases of 15% and 31% in new tractors registered.

The 101-140hp power band had the highest number of registrations during April, accounting for 37% of registrations or 78 new units. During the period, 25 units (11.85%) of registrations were of 100hp or less. The over 200hp category increased 11.85%, to 25 units of all new tractor registrations. The 141-200hp made up for the remaining 39.3% or 83 new registrations, according to figures provided by the FTMTA.

Used tractor registrations

The FTMTA data shows that 293 imported used tractors were first-time registered in Ireland in April 2023, 193 units more than in April 2022. There were 1,122 used tractors first registered by the end of April 2023 compared with 800 units for 2022, a 40% increase.

Northern Ireland

The Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) reports there were 60 machines registered in Northern Ireland in April, down from 54 in 2022. That brings the total for the year to date to 223, down 3.4% when compared with 231 units in the same period in 2022.


AEA figures show that 1,280 new tractors were registered in the UK in April, up 128 units or 11.1% on April 2022. This total of 1,280 is the highest recorded since 2019. The growth rate for the year to date was similar, with 4,634 machines registered over the first four months of 2023, 10% more than in the same period last year.